Re: [nbos] CSUAC for FM8: Ready for download!!!
"Mark Oliva"
Tue Jul 24th, 2007
> From: James Miller []

<< 1) You need the "default.xml" file in each file to make the art automatically set to the correct scale.>>

A good point, but it's easier and faster to duplicate and adjust the XML than to redownload 600 MB.

<<2) You need to remove the unnecessary duplicate resolutions that the CC3 version needs ( that would be the _LO and _VL versions).>>

Why? I never have. I'm curious.

<<4) It's the easier to just use the version that's already done for ya.>>

Agreed, if a second 600 MB is no problem for you. It wasn't for me, so I did just that.

<<Have fun!!!>>

I will. You too.

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