[nbos] Some FM8 questions
"Mark Oliva"
Tue Jul 24th, 2007
To work myself into FM8, I've been making a large, complex map of a hemisphere. There are some questions to which I find no answers in the large PDF manual or the help program, although they well may be hiding there.

1. It appears that I can work with PNG raster symbols only if they are on the General layer. If they are on another layer, I can't click them, even though that layer is defined as visible and selectable. Is this correct, or am I having some strange problem?

2. The map I'm making at present is on its side (270° angle). It's in portrait format, not in landscape. By putting it on its side, I have more room to work with it on the screen. This always was a standard operation for me with CC2 Pro. Is there any way to automatically set the angle of symbols so that they appear on the map at an angle of 270°? It's a pain in the node to have to do an individual rotate with each symbol I place.

Not a question, but a reurging: I hope you folks can fix the already-discussed problem with the menu settings Map-Map Setup-Width and Height soon. With some dimensions, it can take a long time before one tweaks the unwanted dimension changes FM8 does to really get the dimensions one needs. This bug gets more irritating with each map I try to make.

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