Re: [nbos] CSUAC for FM8: Ready for download!!!
"James Miller"
Tue Jul 24th, 2007

The entire CSUAC is now available for Fracal Mapper 8!

While this doesn't have a fancy installer yet, the CSUAC is set for you to just unzip the file, drop it into the MapArt directory (except for the last file, which are fillpatterns.) The necessary .xml file is already included, so you won't have to fumble getting the setting right.

There is a .pdf included, showing you exactly where to put the files, giving credits for who did the art, and how you can use the CSUAC for finished renders (both personal and commercial).

Set 1: Creatures
Set 2: Equipment and Weapons
Set 3: Vehicles
Set 4: Humans and Humanoids
Set 5: Vegetation
Set 6: Furniture
Set 7: Structures

Set 8: Fillpatterns

In all, there are over 4000 peices of art, in .png format, with everything ready for you to start mapping as soon as you download it.



James Miller
Operations Manager

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