Re: [nbos] [FM8] Question about Booleans
"Donald Ziegler"
Sun Jul 22nd, 2007

Yes, that would create several polygons.


> Don,
> That sounds somewhat promising actually. So could You then zoom in, fill
> what's on the screen, pan over, fill the next region and repeat until Your
> entire landmass is filled at a reasonably smooth resolution? Or would
> doing
> so cause there to be multiple polygons instead of a single one?
> -Michael
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> Michael,
> FM8 has a Floodfill tool that will create a single polygon in the shape of
> the VISIBLE borders. It will not reproduce the seams of the combined
> polygons that can only be seen when the object is selected.
> Some caveats:
> If half of the landmass is offscreen - the fill will end at the screen's
> edge.
> The more closely you are zoomed to the object - the truer the fill will
> approximate the borders of the object.
> The farther out the zoom the rougher the approximation of the object's
> borders - though this can be remedied somewhat by the Flush Against tool
> which will help fill the gaps made by a rough fill by molding the fill's
> edge more closely to the object's edge.
> If you leave other objects (labels, mountains, etc.) visible on top of
> your
> continent, the tool will fill around those objects - leaving a hole in the
> new floodfill polygon. This is a useful feature - but not if you want a
> solid object as your final result.
> Hopes this helps.
> Don

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