[nbos] [FM8] upgarde and this email list
Scott McLachlan
Sat Jul 21st, 2007
Hi folks,

Has anyone out there yet been able to get their hands on the upgrade version??
I still haven't heard back from Hyperbooks about my order from about 2 weeks ago.
I emailed again 2 days ago to ask what the status is and no reply yet...
Starting to get very unimpressed with Hyperbooks, but reluctant to give up on them because I have submitted the order form.
I don't want to go and order the upgrade from another site and then have the Hyperbooks one also come through and so pay for it twice.

Secondly...does anyone else find this list hard to follow and read?? What would be involved in arranging the list like the CC2-CC3 list? So that has the topics listed at the start as hyperlinks, can be clicked on to jump to the actual message.

I just find it difficult to sort through all the additional headers and footers and quoted portions to find the bits I actually want to read...

Just wondering...
Scott Mac.

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