Re: [nbos] NBOS: What's next?
"William Hoyer"
Sat Jul 21st, 2007
Hi Ed: Will the CC<>FM symbol converter work with the vector symbols from
CC 2 as well?


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At 11:01 PM 7/19/2007, you wrote:
>Ed, I was wondering what project you would be working on next? I would
>really like to see some updates to IPad, but I am sure many others would
>be interested in your CC<->FM converter.

Hi Joe,

Other than the remaining FM8 items (the api, etc), things planned for this
fall include, in no particular order:

Finish up the CC <> FM map & symbol converter
Inspiration Pad Pro 2.0
IPad Mobile (for Windows Mobile)
ScreenMonkey updates (Vista compatibility, general functionality upgrade)

Right now I'm focusing on managing the rollout, getting the FM8 CD's
created, and GenCon.


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