[nbos] Upgrades and Symbol Pack 1 info
NBOS Support
Sat Jul 21st, 2007
Hi All,

The download links for those who qualified for the free upgrade to FM8 were
sent out tonight. These links went out to anyone who purchased a
downloadable copy of FM7 after May 1st, and registered their copy so their
address was on file. If you should have received one and did not, check
your bulk mail folder as those sometimes intercept automated emails. If
you still dont see it, please ensure your copy is registered and then drop
a line to the support address (support2-at-nbos.com) with your name, FM7
registration code & the email address used when you purchased so it can be
looked up.

An FM8 version of Symbol Pack 1: Campaign world will be available
shortly. I'll post a message here when its available. You can install the
FM7 version of the symbol pack into FM8, and FM8 will try to detect it and
move the symbols into their proper directories. But if you were having
trouble with that (for ex, it may not work on Vista if not running as
admin), the FM8 version of the installer is coming. I'll drop a note when
its ready.


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