Re: [nbos] [FM 8] : Bevelled Cliffs
"Joe Frazier, Jr"
Thu Jul 19th, 2007
Christopher Rodrigues Macias wrote:

>You two are geniuses. I just had to play with this.
>I drew a simple 'continent' shape and zoomed-in on a portion of it, then used the poly path tool to draw a line over the section of coast where I wanted the cliff. Fractalised this to factor 3, then applied a 'flat' bevel using the default settings.
>Then I wanted to mask the 'inside' half of the poly path so that it looked like a cliff instead of a ridge, so I cloned the poly path and turned off the bevel on the copy, then moved and fiddled with it a bit to create the mask. The final result is shown in cliff3.png.
>Very slick. Takes a little tweaking to get the mask right, but still took only a tiny fraction of the time required for the gradient fill cliffs on the Eberron map.

Ok, for those of you who might be interested, here is my cliff example
attached and rough steps to create. It took a while of playing with
different effects to get it the way I liked it, but I am happy with the
result. Since I am "disassembling" my map, I hope I didn't miss any steps.

1. Turn on Map->Proximity Snap
2. Use the Fractal Line tool to create the "inside" of the cliffs
(ie, the part that is NOT supposed to be cliff face.) This can be
as big as you want, but just a small section enough to work with
is fine.
3. Use the new Flood Fill tool and it will generate a new polygon
(with a LOT of nodes)
4. Clone the new polygon.
5. Move the top most polygon out of the way
6. Set the bottom polygon to a fill. In my case, I chose the dark
gray fill "stone" look from the Classic set.
7. Set the scale and brightness to your liking
8. Set the Blur style to Feather and just a TINY bit on the width
slider (I chose around 1/3 of the way to the first tick on the scale)
9. Now, with the second polygon, I chose Blur with a Feather style
set to the 4th tick (about 1/3 the entire scale)
10. I also chose Shadow with a Inner Shadow style, again around the
4th tick on the scale in black.
11. Now, move the top copy over the bottom one and position.

I think I also changed the scale of the top copy a bit (perhaps 5-10%
.) You can also play with moving the nodes on one side or the other of
your top polygon to get the inner shadow to be the way you want it. I
ended up with the top polygon roughly the same height as the bottom one,
but around 2 times wider.



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