Re: [nbos] [FM8] Question about Booleans
"Larathiel the Death Elf"
Thu Jul 19th, 2007

I had some hand-drawn sketches of my campaign world's continents set as a
backdrop and was going in with the fractal landmass tools creating shapes
overtop my sketches to make the coastlines have some actual "character".
What I found peaked my inspiration the most was not simply creating one or
two large fractal polygons but rather overlaying many adjacent or
overlapping ones. Once I would come up with a shape I like for my
continents, I wanted to be able to permanently merge all of the shapes into
a single object so that only the outermost vertices and lines would remain.
For lakes and seas I figured I would simply then overlay polygons of
different colors over top of the continents later on. In otherwords, the
boolean shapes I was trying to create would not have had holes in them.

However, after performing the boolean operation, and even after trying to
clone the boolean to a new object, all of the lines and vertices that were
overlapping one another still remained. Thus, when I would click on that
object, I'd see all that internal "junk". Now, this might not seem like a
big deal as it can be ignored I suppose, but my primary work that I do is as
a 3D artist and I just can't abide seeing such sloppiness in my work. It
breaks my creative mood and immersion when I can see the underlying nuts and
bolts (so to speak).

I attempted to take each of the polys comprising my continents and breaking
them then deleting the extra vertices and fusing them together but not only
was this extremely time consuming and flaky (compared to performing a target
weld of vertices like I would in 3d studio max) but I recall still ending up
with internal lines crisscrossing the final. (I think this became an actual
functional rather than aesthetic issue when I told FM7 to apply an edge
color to the landmasses and I found it edging the internals too.)

In any event, the amount of frustration I felt finally choked the life out
of the stream of inspiration that had been flowing at the time and I just
put that project on the back-burner and moved on to other ones. Still, I do
need to produce some more detailed maps of my campaign world soon so with
the release of FM8 I wondered if I should get my hopes up or not.

Thanks for asking,


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Hi Michael,

What were you trying to do with Boolean shapes that was causing you grief?
Maybe there is a work-around.

For example, if you work with poly-lines instead of closed shapes, it is now
much easier to merge them. Just define a small square grid, turn on the
"Snap to Square Grid" feature, and you can easily align the end-points so
that you can merge the lines together. When you are ready to convert it to a
closed shape you can clone the combined lines to a polygon.


At 02:56 AM 7/18/2007, you wrote:
>I've barely used the old copy of FM7 I have because of the intense dislike
>have for how boolean shapes are handled. Namely that after merging two or
>more objects (objects without holes mind You), internal vertices and lines
>were not removed. While this would allow the boolean to be broken apart if
>desired, I never could find a way to permanently join the two and have the
>internal vertices disappear. I also seem to recall that it was a real bear
>to weld vertices together.
>Has this functionality been addressed in FM8? I'd like to trade up to the
>new version before I take another stab at mapping with it (CC's interface
>more God-forsaken than even any of the 3D modeling tools I work with) but
>simply can't get past my hang-up about how booleans were handled in FM7.

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