Re: [nbos] [FM8] Question about Booleans
"Christopher Rodrigues Macias"
Wed Jul 18th, 2007
Hi Michael,

What were you trying to do with Boolean shapes that was causing you grief?
Maybe there is a work-around.

For example, if you work with poly-lines instead of closed shapes, it is now
much easier to merge them. Just define a small square grid, turn on the
"Snap to Square Grid" feature, and you can easily align the end-points so
that you can merge the lines together. When you are ready to convert it to a
closed shape you can clone the combined lines to a polygon.


At 02:56 AM 7/18/2007, you wrote:
>I've barely used the old copy of FM7 I have because of the intense dislike
>have for how boolean shapes are handled. Namely that after merging two or
>more objects (objects without holes mind You), internal vertices and lines
>were not removed. While this would allow the boolean to be broken apart if
>desired, I never could find a way to permanently join the two and have the
>internal vertices disappear. I also seem to recall that it was a real bear
>to weld vertices together.
>Has this functionality been addressed in FM8? I'd like to trade up to the
>new version before I take another stab at mapping with it (CC's interface
>more God-forsaken than even any of the 3D modeling tools I work with) but
>simply can't get past my hang-up about how booleans were handled in FM7.

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