Re: [nbos] [FM 8] : Eberron Core Map
Terry FitzSimons
Wed Jul 18th, 2007
I wonder if version 8 has the capability to store the used fonts with the
map as a option.


On Fri, 13 Jul 2007 22:21:14 +1000, "Christopher Rodrigues Macias"
<> wrote:

>Oh, and FWIW, I didn't notice until recently that the text on the Eberron map looks like crap if you don't have the right fonts installed on your system. My bad.
>For anyone who is interested, almost everything on the map was originally set in "Edwardian Script ITC" except for the continent names, which were done in "Castellar." I believe these fonts are installed as part of Microsoft Publisher, which is a page layout program, but they *might* be part of the standard MS Office install.
>Having once worked in graphic design I'm something of a 'font geek,' and so went out of my way to try to find typefaces that had just the right look for the map. This will be overkill for many, but if you're trying to find look-alike substitutes then Edwardian Script looks sort-of like the swoopy penmanship you'd see on the Declaration of Independence or similar 18th century documents, whereas Castellar has a 'chiseled' look, like something you'd see carved above the portico of a Roman temple. Hope that helps.
>BTW, consider this a cautionary tale on what can happen if you use non-standard fonts on a map, and then share it around!

Terry FitzSimons
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