Re: [nbos] FM 8 Questions
NBOS Support
Wed Jul 18th, 2007

>displays an input form when I'm placing a city on the map. Before I get
>too far on the tool I'd like to know if Fractal Mapper 8 has an interface
>to Inspiration Pad Pro? The FM8 web page

Yep - check the Astro scripting samples on NOX. There should be a simple
example of calling an Inspiration Pad table in a script.

>On another note is there a maximum size to the .JPG or .PNG file used as a
>background to the map? I have some scanned images of historical maps that
>I was going to use for a map, but I couldn't get FM 8 to read the
>file. It's large (10000x12000) so I'm sure that's why it doesn't display
>as the background. What is a reasonable size for a background image?

This is actually going to depend on the individual system & video
card. 10000x12000 is large, and in about the neighborhood where systems
will start having problems. I'd cut that in half and give that a shot.


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