[nbos] [FM 8] : Bevelled Cliffs
"Christopher Rodrigues Macias"
Tue Jul 17th, 2007
You two are geniuses. I just had to play with this.

I drew a simple 'continent' shape and zoomed-in on a portion of it, then used the poly path tool to draw a line over the section of coast where I wanted the cliff. Fractalised this to factor 3, then applied a 'flat' bevel using the default settings.

Then I wanted to mask the 'inside' half of the poly path so that it looked like a cliff instead of a ridge, so I cloned the poly path and turned off the bevel on the copy, then moved and fiddled with it a bit to create the mask. The final result is shown in cliff3.png.

Very slick. Takes a little tweaking to get the mask right, but still took only a tiny fraction of the time required for the gradient fill cliffs on the Eberron map.


BTW, Joe, I had a look at the map you posted. The bevelled coastline looks really nice. I think that effect would combine well with the triangular continent tool to create really slick 3D-style island chains.

- Christopher

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T'Star wrote:

> Wouldn't the "Bevel" effect work to simulate a cliff face?
> ~Heather


I have done a bit of playing with it and hope to try to get a good sample uploaded sometime later this week or next if I am not beat to it by someone else.


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