Re: [nbos] [FM 8] : Eberron Core Map
"Joe Frazier, Jr"
Tue Jul 17th, 2007
Christopher Rodrigues Macias wrote:

>Thanks, Joe. I'm glad you liked the results. However, you've identified two of the map features I'm really hoping can be improved upon using the FM8 features.
>The gradient fill under the mountains gave the look I wanted, but it's a very 'fiddly' and time-consuming technique. Draw a closed spline curve around the mountains. Fiddle with the gradient fill colour, direction and transparency to get it to look just-so. Move it behind the mountains and see how it looks. Adjust the nodes, colours, gradient length over and over until I'm happy. Rinse, repeat.
>It was made even slower because I used a gradient fill for the entire continent (something I originally did entirely by accident, but it happened to work beautifully for this map, so I kept it) which meant I had to sample the colour of the underlying terrain with the colour selector every time I drew a new gradient. Argh!
>I think the 'feather' effect (in the 'Blur' palette) may make this approach obsolete. Early experiments look very promising. Oh, how I love this new version already!

I was just playing with my map and used the feather feature on the
shallow/deep water in the ocean and lake, and REALLY like the effect. I
was trying to uploade the new version, but FM seems to lock up.

I agree that the blur or feather features might be a great replacement
for your old school method. I will have to play with both when I get a
second and try that out when I rebuild my mountains.


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