Re: [nbos] Risk-style maps?
"Joe Frazier, Jr"
Tue Jul 17th, 2007
James Miller wrote:

> Sounds pretty simple to me. All you'll be doing is a series of
> polygons, with a parchment fill and a glow of different colors on each
> poly (or group of polys). Divide it up between layers, so you don't
> get the colors mixed up.
>> So, a quick question... is there an easy way to create risk-style
>> maps quickly with FM, with regional boundaries rather than a hex or
>> square grid? If not, has anyone out there crafted any? Looking for
>> a quick-n-dirty campaign map for a miniatures campaign :)
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Using the new Flush Against feature and Flood Fill in FM 8 makes this
much simpler than it was in FM 7

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