Re: [nbos] [FM] HELP Map resizing
"Joe Frazier, Jr"
Tue Jul 17th, 2007
~~Richard K~~ wrote:

> Thats really weird
> I dont get that at all, I tried checking it with my Europa map and it
> doesnt self-resize.
> I entered new values (smaller) and it cut off my map and kept the
> original resolution.
> DL my map online and see if you get the same result?

When I changed the Height on your map, no, it stayed correctly. But
when I changed the width, (just a bit), the whole thing got messed up in
size. As I noted in my original post, this happened even on new maps
after several closes of FM 8. I also have rebooted my machine and the
same issue happens.

Anyway, I figured out on my map that if I set the width = to the
original height, it would just work (swap the two and maintain the
original aspect ratio), so this works for now.


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