Re: [nbos] [FM 8] : Eberron Core Map
"Joe Frazier, Jr"
Tue Jul 17th, 2007
Christopher Rodrigues Macias wrote:

>I think we, as a user community, do need to make a better effort to share tips and techniques. I'm experimenting with FM8 right now, and I can already see several areas where it would make some things I did on the Eberron map *much* easier. If (emphasis on the 'if' here) I have the time, I might start contributing some 'how to' tips to the mailing list. I hope others will do the same so I can learn from them.
>Down the road maybe we can collect these into an on-line manual of some sort, but that's getting ahead of things. At the moment we just need to do a better job of sharing what we know. The Astro 2 users have been *very* active in this regard, so I kind of feel like we're not living up to their standards!
>Time to start giving back, people. Just because FM is 'easier than CC' doesn't mean it's 'easy'!

Just to expand further on this topic, one of the things that I REALLY
liked about Christopher's Eberron map was the use advanced use of
gradient fills. Specifically, if you look at most maps posted on the
net, people put down a solid brownish-tan shape under their mountain
symbols. What I really liked about the Eberron map was that the shape
had a gradient fill on it so that it seems to transition from the
underlying continent color of green into the brown color of the mountain
symbols themselves.

Likewise, the way the cliffs at the top spoke of the "star" shaped lake
were built looks intuitively like a cliff face(to me anyway), where as
may other things I have seen require the end user to kind of imagine it
to be a cliff.

These are fairly simple techniques that I would never have thought of
without being able to download Christopher's map and tear it apart,
layer by layer.

Of course, FM 8 is far easier to use, but still, there are some
techniques a few people have used that may not be obvious to someone
without a lot of artistic talent. With that in mind, I will be posting
my first map soon, hopefully within the week so that others can benefit
from what little skill I have.


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