[nbos] [FM] Backwards compatibility
Tue Jul 17th, 2007
I am about to start a major project. It will be finished in FM8. I
am very likely to START it in FM 7 because I would like to get the
baseline work (the core landmasses etc....) done quickly, and it will
be a month or two before I can afford the upgrade to FM8. While it is
logical to assume that FM7 maps will function in FM8, I would like to
double check: Can I do my basic landmasses in FM7 then, when I get FM8
open it up and start putting the more complicated symbols and the
submaps in without loosing significant data? (I don't mind having to
redo a few small island, but trying to trace the continent map is
going to be a pain and I would rather only do it once.)

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