[nbos] FM - Planet Colouration
"Mike Oliver"
Tue Jul 17th, 2007
Hi Everybody:

I'm trying to help a user who lives in France and speaks English
insufficiently well to frame a technical question in English. A
translation of his problem from the French is:

"I built a planet, with Fractal Mapper, but I will want to change all
the colours of the planet; how can I do this, please? My planet is
maroon [red-brown]. I would like to make it blue without being obliged
all to start over again."

I am guessing he will be looking to make either changes of shades or use
further colour changes later and not just make a single, overall colour
change. However, this is just a guess at this stage. He also doesn't ay
whether he's using FM7 or FM8. If it is important to know this, I'll ask

My knowledge of FM (7 or 8) is insufficient to answer his question, so I
am confined to the role of translator. Can anyone out there help us out
(in English) and I'll do my best to translate the answer into French?



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