Re: [nbos] [FM] Scripting help needed
"Joe Frazier, Jr"
Mon Jul 16th, 2007
Christopher Rodrigues Macias wrote:

> I need some help/advice with an FM scripting issue. I’m trying to
> adapt a script I wrote for FM7 (the ‘LayerSort’ script) to run as a
> plug-in in FM8, but it just gives me a cryptic dialog that says
> “Microsoft VBScript compilation error” and refuses to run. I have two
> questions.
This means there is some invalid syntax in the file. Perhaps a
character where there should not be or something like that

> First, what do people use to debug scripts like this? Is VisualStudio
> my only option? I’m not opposed to using VisualStudio, I just can’t
> justify spending a ton of cash just so I can debug FM scripts. Is
> there some low-cost option for working with VBScript that offers some
> level of debugging support?
Well, for checking the syntax, just fire up a command prompt:

1. start
2. run
3. type "cmd" (without the quotes)
4. enter. This brings up a command prompt window ala the days of
DOS based computers 12 + years ago.
5. type cscript //e:VBScript [path to script] [ENTER]

You enter the path to your script. IF there are spaces, you will need
to put the entire path to the script in double qoutes. For example:

cscript //e:VBScript c:\program files\Fractal

Would not work, but

cscript //e:VBScript "c:\program files\Fractal

should at least give you something.

When it runs, it should show you the error and usually the line and
column number in parenthesis: (22, 10) would mean the error is "around"
line 22, the 10th character.

> Second, is there anyone out there who has already figured out how to
> run LayerSort under FM8?
I was hoping to get your script from the site this week and begin
playing with it, so no help as of yet.

> Thanks in advance,
> Christopher

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