[nbos] [FM] Scripting help needed
"Christopher Rodrigues Macias"
Mon Jul 16th, 2007
I need some help/advice with an FM scripting issue. I'm trying to adapt a
script I wrote for FM7 (the 'LayerSort' script) to run as a plug-in in FM8,
but it just gives me a cryptic dialog that says "Microsoft VBScript
compilation error" and refuses to run. I have two questions.

First, what do people use to debug scripts like this? Is VisualStudio my
only option? I'm not opposed to using VisualStudio, I just can't justify
spending a ton of cash just so I can debug FM scripts. Is there some
low-cost option for working with VBScript that offers some level of
debugging support?

Second, is there anyone out there who has already figured out how to run
LayerSort under FM8?

Thanks in advance,


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