Re: [nbos] new to mapping
"Joe Frazier, Jr"
Sat Jul 14th, 2007
William Stramiello wrote:

> I recently bought a CD copy of FM 7 a month or two ago and have played
> around with it some, but haven't really been able to do what I want
> with it yet. I am not really familiar with any but the most mundane
> of software applications, but I would like to change that.
> Unfortunately time is a big factor, but I think FM is really an easy
> to use and excellent software for my needs.
> I have maybe have two or three hours a week to spend on it, but I
> believe my needs are pretty simple at this point, and with a little
> bit of help, I should be able to accomplish what I want.
> My goal: My campaign world is very similar in shape to the real world
> with a few general features and shapes that required, but with quite a
> bit of flexibilty - I like the fractals for this pupose. I would like
> to have a continent map that shows land masses and would not require
> much detail. The adventuring area of the world will be mostly
> confined to "Europe". I would then like to be able to make smaller
> scale maps based on this area with a greater degree of detail as the
> linked map becomes more local. I have not been able to figure out how
> to select part of an object to make a close up map. I would, for
> instance like to link maps of "France", "Italy", "Spain", "Greece",
> etc..., then have maps linked to those of more local areas like the
> "Riviera", the "Alps", the "Rhein", etc...
> Do I need to get FM8 to more easily accomplish this? I have seen some
> talk of the "submap" feature. Is this the answer to my problems?

I would HIGHLY advise upgrading. Wanting to have multiple maps linked
down to greater detail is possible in FM7, but you have to physically do
all of the work (way to much work). FM8 makes it far simpler to
accomplish this.

Imagine having to drive to a farm, milk the cow, drive home, and pour a
class of milk, every day. That's how to do it in FM7.

FM8 is like a milkman dropping off fresh milk to your door every morning!!!!

This one feature alone is well worth the upgrade charge!!!


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