Re: [nbos] Does the Upgrade allow a "Clean Install"?
~~Richard K~~
Fri Jul 13th, 2007
The Mapper program installs in its own folder so you will have a Mapper7 folder and a Mapper8 folder, you can go back into FM7 and run FM7. Same with all the FWE versions, I think I have at least four FWE folders and I can run each version... in fact all Ed's software installs like that. ;)
I originally had FM6, but as I can see in my nbos folder in this new computer I didnt install FM6, just 7 at the time.but you still need your registration codes.
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Sent: Friday, July 13, 2007 4:34 AM
Subject: [nbos] Does the Upgrade allow a "Clean Install"?

I've got FM7 but haven't loaded it on my new PC as I waited for FM8. I don't like upgrades that require me to install the old version, then the new version, because there is just more potential for something to go wrong. Does FM8 upgrade require that FM7 be installed first?

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