Re: [nbos] [FM 8] : Eberron Core Map
~~Richard K~~
Fri Jul 13th, 2007
Well, as with everything, it takes practice...
First get used to the interface of your mapper, then there is composition
and coloring.
Its very much being an artform, so like art, it takes practice.
Layers are important to keep things organized, and keep track of what you
are doing, many times you will accidentally put town markers in a layer
meant for GM's Secrets and catch it too late.

As for using types of symbols and placement... eveyone has different tastes.
Its good to go check out different ways maps were displayed (in novels and
historical) You may like the way some maps look and dislike some features on
others, keep note on your likes/dislikes and try to apply them in your own
mapping projects.

Fills with bitmaps can reduce clutter with placing symbols, sometimes
creating your own fills with repeating patterns may do the trick when not
satisfied with the current default ones.
(You might want to check out places like there are freebie
downloads of repeating landscape patterns of rocks and ruins which can
easily be converted for FM8)

Use FWE to create a base for your map if you are stumped on getting started.
If you have a land already created on paper scan it and use FM8 map settings
to load the image as a background and trace over it.
and you can always upload and announce a map that you might want some
outside input on.
Thats all I can think of right now.

The Eberron core map looks mighty kewl, if you want to produce something
like his map, just pull it apart in mapper and take note of how he did
things (fill settings in particular)...
Hope some of this helps.
~~Richard K~~

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> With that in mind, I have noticed that there are not a lot of end user
> created maps uploaded to the site, nor are there any (that I could find)
> end user tutorials specific to making maps in Fractal Mapper. Does any
> one know of any such sites for tips/tricks for people who prefer to use
> FM vs CC? I would love to see something like this from Christopher
> and/or anyone else who is up for a few hours of imparting some sage
> advice to new(er) map makers or those with not quit as much artistic
> talent (but might be able to sufficiently fake it with good directions).
> Joe

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