[nbos] RE; [FM 8] : Eberron Core Map
"Mark Oliva"
Fri Jul 13th, 2007
>> From: "Joe Frazier, Jr" <jfrazierjr-at-nc.rr.com>

<<With that in mind, I have noticed that there are not a lot of end user
created maps uploaded to the site, nor are there any (that I could find) end
user tutorials specific to making maps in Fractal Mapper. Does any one
know of any such sites for tips/tricks for people who prefer to use FM vs

Until now, we've used CC2/CC2 Pro to create our maps. Therefore, we also
created for our customers a number of CC2 expansion products and tutorials
that are available for free download.

Right now, we're weighing whether we will map the Vintyri world with CC3 or
FM8. FM8 is the favorite at present, because ProFantasy still has not made
good on its promise to fix the symbol inclusion problem, which makes CC3
useless to us in its current state.

If we go with FM8, we'll certainly have to produce some PDF tutorials for
our users. But that won't happen for awhile.

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