[nbos] [FM] Kudos and questions
"Joe Frazier, Jr"
Fri Jul 13th, 2007
After only a few minutes looking at the release since I purchased (from
RPGNow about 45 minutes after Ed noted he had uploaded in response to
another post) I have one word: *WOW!!!

*Though I don't think I have seen a list of all the new features, the
few I have played with make it well worth the upgrade. I have not
spent a lot of time with the program since purchasing around Feb of this
year, but the new features will make making makes SO much easier.
Specifically, the two features that are new and of great interest (I
purposely held off on spending to much time playing with it until I got
the upgrade) are:

* Export to sub map
* Floodfill
* Flush Against
* Show/Hide all Layers

These two features alone are worth the price based on some of the few
things I have attempted to accomplish prior to the upgrade not being
nearly as easy to do (especially creating a submap,Show/hide all layers,
and Flush Against!) FM 8 now makes these far faster than easier.

Ok, so now for some questions:

I know Ed is still working on the API docs, but I would like to get an
idea for how much layer management will be available? Specifically, is
it possible to

* enumerate the layers (say for example, to build a custom prompt
window with the layers as check boxes, which you could then
process responses.)
* show all/hide all
* selectable all/un-selectable all
* query current state for a layer

My goal might be to create a custom tool bar icon that shows/a list of
specific layers quickly(ie, show/hide 5 specific layers with one click
instead of having to use several clicks to open the standard dialog
window. Being able to query for the layers current state would be
needed to keep from having to have one button for show and one for hide,
though, this is only a minor annoyance.

The new Symbol Palette is great, especially the favorites and random
sets. Now, the question is is there a way to manage these? For
example, if I create a Random set and need to get rid of it (say I
messed up the spelling) or want to rename it, how is that done? I
checked the file structure under the install directory and the
registry. I could not find where this data was stored.

Anyway, Ed, again I thank you for the great new features. I am sure I
will have many more questions as I spend time rebuilding my existing
maps to take some of the new features into account.


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