Re: [nbos] [AS] Problem using Fractal World Explorer fromAstrosynthesis
Charles Taylor
Wed Jul 11th, 2007
In message <000501c7c25a$ac36b4a0$2284100a-at-skaran>
"Antony Farrell" <> wrote:

> You could try deleting the contents of the C:\Program
> Files\nbos\AstroSynthesis2\Textures\SurfaceMaps directory. The program seems
> to regenerate these if they are not present from the actual graphics files
> so it may be a problem with these not being updated properly. I have noticed
> this behaviour with some images I have changed.
> Antony


I've tried that, but I'm still not getting any edits made in FWE to
show up in AS. I can only find preview images in that folder, not any
actual textures. I'm actually running Astrosynthesis on my E: drive -
could that cause the problem?


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