Re: [nbos] Fractal Mapper 8.0 Goblin API
NBOS Support
Sun Jul 8th, 2007
At 11:44 PM 7/7/2007, you wrote:
>I like it. I really like it. The new look makes it easier to get at the
>features I typically use.

Glad you like!

>Has the GoblinAPI been released yet? I can't find any documentation on
>the new GoblinAPI and I'm itching to convert my Fractal Mapper 7.0 scripts
>to the new version and make use of
>the ability to create my own input windows (I integrated IE HTML forms
>into Fractal Mapper

The API doc hasnt been updated yet. My plan is to put together something
akin to an SDK kit, which would be a download that includes the updated doc
& some samples.

If you want to get started with the custom windows, the 'widget' interface
is the same as used by Astro 2 (,
look for the GUI classes). I'll upload a sample to NOX tonight.


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