[nbos] Fractal Mapper 8.0 Goblin API
"Dennis Brauning"
Sat Jul 7th, 2007
I've purchased and downloaded Fractal Mapper 8.0.

I like it. I really like it. The new look makes it easier to get at the
features I typically use. The Battlemap symbols will really help when I'm
creating overhead views of what's inside my buildings (and dungeons). I've
been creating test maps and all of the features I've tested so far are
improved over 7.0. The new version appears to be running much faster on my
laptop than Fractal Mapper 7.0.

Has the GoblinAPI been released yet? I can't find any documentation on the
new GoblinAPI and I'm itching to convert my Fractal Mapper 7.0 scripts to
the new version and make use of the ability to create my own input windows
(I integrated IE HTML forms into Fractal Mapper 7.0, but it was a pain to
transfer data to/from IE). The help file for Fractal Mapper 7 was a
separate file accessed from the Window's "Start" menu. I don't see that
option in my install and I didn't find a GoblinAPI help file in the install
directory. Have I missed access to the API documentation somehow? If not,
is the Goblin API documentation due anytime soon? Not that the API
documentation being missing is killing me, but I'd really like to convert my
CityGenerator (and its input screens) to Fractal Mapper 8.

Again, you guys did a great job on this update.


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