Re: [nbos] [AS] - Megastructures (feature request)
Charles Taylor
Mon Jul 2nd, 2007
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~~Richard K~~ <> wrote:

> What might currently work, is setting the orbit to 0, and use a graphic to
> replace the surface map (like a grid over the sphere mapping) but you would
> have to designate the body as a terrestrial, that would work to show up as a
> graphic in the system view.
> Otherwise, designating a megastructure and changing the graphic (of course
> would not work on the system view/animation) would work only for an astro
> user as is.
> BTW, I'll have some new graphics for astro coming soon.
> ~~Richard K~~

Well, I've done some experiments, based on your suggestion:

Creating a Dyson sphere as huge planet with an orbit radius of 0km
orbiting a sun - doesn't display on the System Diagram.

Creating the same planet with an orbit radius of 1km (negligible at
these scales) does display on the system diagram - as long as you are
outside it! The orbits of objects created inside it will show through
(sort of) as well.

But the System Diagram appears to show planets at a different scale to
orbits (probably to help them show up), I think you need to shrink the
dimensions of your Dyson sphere to one-fifth to fit. BUT if the sphere
is created orbiting a planet, then the scale seems to be about right
in comparison to object orbits.

If you wish to texture your Dyson Sphere, the texture will show only
on the outside (as I mentioned, it's invisible from within). Also, not
that with a 1km radius orbit it will orbit rather fast, for a
stationary sphere, you need to work out how fast it orbits, and give
it a rotation in the opposite direction.

I have not yet tried what happens if I use a texture with

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