[nbos] [AS] Routes: A maximum length?
"J. Wallick"
Thu Jun 7th, 2007

I've just gotten started with AS and been fiddling around a couple weeks,
but I am having trouble with routes.

I can make a nav route show up with no problems when working in a smaller
system, like the Keppler 50ly. However, I'm trying to model the universe of
Frank Herbert's Dune as presented in his novels and the Dune Encyclopedia.

Therein are routes 8,000+ ly in length. When I try to make a route on this
scale, usich the HIP 10,000 ly and beyond file, nothing happens:

I fill in the fields (for example for 61 Cygni to Canopus), I hit "Okay" and
the box closes, but no route appears. When I check filter view, no route is
available to filter. When I try again, the Route Type field does not
remember what I just made (although Route Name does?).

"Ed" in customer service is chewing on this, but maybe one of you all know
what my problem is?



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