Re: [nbos] AS2 Mass Editing
NBOS Support
Thu May 31st, 2007
At 05:05 AM 5/30/2007, you wrote:
>Ok I found out most of my problem. When I export CSV data using the
>plugin and open it in excel the headings are in alphabetical order, not
>the order that AS2 needs to read the information.

What are you using to export to csv? Astro doesnt have a built in csv
exporter. Are you using the SQL export plugin? I dont think that makes
importable csv files, but rather makes csv files suitable for importing
into a database structure.

>However this still does not solve my problem. The pdf and help files only
>tell you the first 12 that it needs to read. What is the order of the
>rest of the information such as; Political Affilation, Lable Colour,
>Blazon information, etc.

There arent any other fields supported by the csv importer - just whats
listed. It's a pretty basic importer, primarily designed for importing
data extracted from stellar catalogues.

You may be better off trying the xml exporter & xml importer (download from
nox) which will export all the data in a system. Just be sure to view the
xml file with a text editor. But, if you are trying to add bodies that
way, you may find it difficult to do by hand.

If you detail what changes you are trying to make, someone here may be able
to make a simple script to run that would do the trick. Thats probably the
best solution.


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