Re: [nbos] [AS] Astro2 Guidebook
~~Richard K~~
Wed May 30th, 2007

> Richard,
> The tute is great! Thanks very much.
> I was wondering while reading it, is there a way to ensure that the
> "wave" systems you mentioned don't appear in the same space as any
> pre-defined systems?
> tuck

Thanks Tuck, and anyone else who downloaded it.

When adding a "wash" of empty systems, sometimes the systems could end up
too close to your imported Empire sectors.
This is where "saved views" can come in handy, its a fair bit of tweaking
that you may have to do, however simply deleting the interfereing systems
can work easily.
If one is directly over top of another system use your search tools to
select the defined system and move the defined system over changing the
X,Y,Z coordinates, then eliminate the uncovered wash system, and move the
defined system back in place.

I wonder if anyone could create a script that could comb through all of the
coordinate positions and create a textlist of double-occupied coordinates?
Then simply use this list to search/select and eliminate/move the system of

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