Re: [nbos] AS2 Mass Editing
"Sean M. Breen"
Tue May 29th, 2007
Morrison John wrote:
> Here is my problem. I want to do some mass editing and I figured the
> easest way to do this would to export the info in CSV then go through
> and copy paste the mass amount of info then re-import it. Problem is
> that when I import there is nothing there at all. So what am I doing wrong?

You might want to check your CSV file in a text editor. Sometimes
spreadsheets (OpenOffice does this, MSOffice might) will add quotes to
entries in the CSV, so instead of getting


you get


AS2 won't import with the quotes, so you'll need to edit the CSV further
- a simple find/replace will work - in order to get it AS2 compliant.

S. M. Breen
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