[nbos] [AS] Traveller UWP New Version
"Shade Tree"
Sat May 5th, 2007
Fixed the way bases are calc'ed. Please let me know what ya'll think so
far. Unless I get some feedback I'll probably drop this after the next
version that calc's the atmosphere 'correctly'.
excerpt from NOX entry:

++EDIT: Military Base Presence uses Imperial calculation instead of
Non-Imperial. Scout waystations are determined by population size
{if Naval and Scout and population = Mature(10,000,000) then code is "B"
otherwise code is "A"} Mature is a variable that can be set in the script.

Known Bugs: None

Next Upgrade: use the percentage of atmospheric elements to determine
atmosphere. Right now it only takes the atm pressure to determine type and
skips over the possibility of the atmo being 'tainted' or 'exotic'. This
will take some research(read: time)

Thank you

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