[nbos] [OT] [AS] 2320 A.D. Released!?!
Exile In Paradise
Thu May 3rd, 2007
I know this is off-topic for this list, but...

Somehow, Colin managed to get 2320AD out the door!
It is available as a PDF for purchase at:

Traveller:2300 was the game that got me interested
in 3D star mapping, and led to writing my own cheesy
mappers (thanks Nyrath for the formulas and data!)
and eventually buying AS1 and AS2 (and AS3, hint hint)

So its on-topic for me, and I thought others might
not have heard that 2320 was out.

378-page PDF, and you KNOW which section I am
going to first!

Have fun!

And yes, my T:2300 map hangs over my desk to this day...
Robert "Exile In Paradise" Murphey
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