Re: [nbos] [as] Has anyone done a set of scripts to turn outTraveller Data?
"Terry Austin"
Fri Apr 27th, 2007
On 27 Apr 2007 at 14:36, Shade Tree wrote:

> Thanks.
> Also I found an Issue with Populations. It will put an A in anyone over
> 100. Stupid Copy-n-Paste. sorry about that
> I hope to upload a fixed version Monday that also has the Bases and Trade.
> These are done but I can't get to it Until I get back from my trip.
> As far as Bases are concerned I just went with the NonImp Milatary base.
> There is no way for me to determine whether the Planet is Imp or not so....
> If you have a better solution, I'm all ears.
> Trade works as it should but gives weird results. (like an -64c ice planet
> that is a rich agricultural). Since Traveller doesn't take Temperature in
> account. Perhaps they should be looking out for Ice Pirates disrupting the
> Ice Harvest.
Ice Pirates was one of the best movies ever.

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