[nbos] [AS] CompleteSurfaceMapGen 'Hack'
"Shade Tree"
Wed Apr 25th, 2007
First off, and most importantly: Many thanks to the original author of this
script DHL.

at around line 208 in the script you can replace

'make the map
bodyMap = GenerateFWESurfaceMap( secSector, chiChild, false, fc)


'make the map
if chiChild.PreviewImageFile = "" then
if chiChild.TypeID = BODY_TYPE_GASGIANT then
GenerateGasGiantAtmTexture secSector, chiChild, 512, 256
bodyMap = GenerateFWESurfaceMap( secSector, chiChild, false, fc)
end if
End If

This will do two things
1. It won't bother generating a map for a body that allready has one so it
is 'recoverable'. If you escape out of the script halfway through and run
the script again it won't start generating maps until if gets back to your
stopping point. This way you can run this script in 'chunks' instead of one
long run.
2. It will generate Gas Giants correctly

it will break the average time and the estimated time left though. There is
a way to fix this but I felt keeping the edit to one area would make it
easier for anyone to do this.

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