Re: [nbos] [AS]
"Kevin A. Munoz"
Thu Apr 5th, 2007
If it's the same script I used, the original version actually
replaces the root star object (but keeps its name). I tweaked the
script to make it retain the root object; next time I boot into my
Windows partition I'll send it to the list. (Unless someone else
wants to first... I'm not a scripter, I just fiddled until it worked.)

Kevin M.

On 05 Apr 2007, at 10:05 PM, Daniel Williamson wrote:

> I've noticed there is a new option (I recently downloaded 2.01e) on
> the system right click menu "Generate System Contents (keep name)"
> I ran it for the first time tonight and get repeated access
> violations after the system is generated. The system contents
> appear to have been generated, but I can't tell as when ever I
> select a body, the access violations start appearing.
> Its a multiple star system if that makes any difference.
> Dan
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