Re: [nbos] [FM] FM8 z-order features?
"Mike Oliver"
Thu Apr 5th, 2007
Perhaps "Bring-in-front-of" and "Send-behind" are what's needed - where
the object to be moved is chosen and the the object or objects in front
of or behind which it is to be moved are selected and an "Activate"
button pressed?


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Subject: [nbos] [FM] FM8 z-order features?

I've probably missed this, or maybe I'm just missing stuff in the
current version, but I'd really like to see better tools for
manipulating z-order. The only things I've been able to find are the
Send to Back/Front (and equivalent in the API), which is a rather crude
tool to use if all I want to do is switch the order of two objects
without affecting their order relative to everything else.

I understand that the "layers" in FM are not intended for this purpose,
but there is some overlap here too. Certain objects, like coastlines and
terrain, need to be behind other objects, like cities and roads.

So here are some features I'd like to see. Not all are necessary, but
they'd be nice. Some may be implementable with the current API, but it
might be nice to have a shortcut menu item for them.

Forward/Back One: Move the selected object forward or back one in the
z-order. Probably only enabled if there is only one selected object.

Bring Together At Top/Bottom: If multiple objects are selected, make
them appear together in the z-order, without changing their relative
order. For example, if I'm making a mountain range with symbols, and the
symbols aren't all added at the same time, they become scattered in
z-order, which makes manipulating their z-order harder. At Top means the
topmost item retains its z-order, and the others are moved in order
behind it. At Bottom means the bottommost item retains its z-order, and
the rest of them are moved in order in front.

Layer To Front/Back: Moves all items on the currently selected layer to
the front/back. This could probably already be done by selecting
everything on the layer, but a shortcut that does this without affecting
the current selection could be helpful.

Layer Together At Top/Bottom: Similar to Bring Together, but it operates
on the current layer without having to affect the current selection.

Select Topmost/Bottommost: If there are multiple objects selected, find
the topmost/bottommost item, clear the selection and the reselect only
the topmost/bottommost. You could then use Forward/Back to move that
item where you want it, reselect the desired items, and use Bring
Together or Layer Together to move the whole set.


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