Re: [nbos] [FM] FM8 layer dialog?
NBOS Support
Wed Apr 4th, 2007
>Sooo.. First question is when is FM8 going to be out, cause the new
>features seem awesome on the surface.

Well, its already in beta. To be on the safe side I'll say sometime before
the end of May, give/take a few weeks in either direction.

>Second question, after creating a submap using this new feature, how to
>make a link to it? From my understanding of the help, you can only
>associate a link to an object, so how to set it to a "region" of
>area? Would you have to create a box, make the background clear, and

I would just do that - make a box and have that be the link. Put all the
boxes on their own layer so you can hide/show them as needed. You could
also make the box into a symbol with, say, a map # in the top corner of the
box like in a road atlas. A really enterprising plugin writer could
probably make a custom tool based on a rectangle that automatically creates
the submap from the selected region and assigns the link.


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