Re: [nbos] [FM] FM8 layer dialog?
Terry FitzSimons
Tue Apr 3rd, 2007
Wonder if they can post a web page of the changes, before the product

On Wed, 4 Apr 2007 08:07:07 +1000, wrote:

>I may have one...
>I'm afraid I'm not sure if this has already been added or requested,
>but either way I'd like to state my strong desire for a way to easily
>change the order of layers. By that I mean that I would really like
>to be able to move a layer up or down whenever the need arises.
>Whether this is through dragging (like photoshop) or some "+" "-"
>buttons makes no real difference. Just some way to move them.
>Quoting "Ziegler,Donald D." <>:
>> Yes! Yes! Yes!
>> FM is not only a powerful, awesome tool but also, an avenue and
>> inspiration for creativity
>> - its many features and ease of use make Fractal Mapper the best choice
>> for building things
>> that exist in your imagination and creating worlds that others can see
>> and partake in.
>> FM8 is going to be MUCH more powerful and easier to use.
>> Thanks Ed!
>> Donald Ziegler
>> Database Analyst III
>>> At 10:12 AM 3/30/2007, you wrote:
>>> >I don't know if this has been raised before, but any chance of
>>> >getting some buttons added to the layer dialog to do "Activate All",
>>> >"Deactivate All", "Show All" and "Hide All"?
>>> Done!
>>> The layers will also have a 'secret' attribute as well. This way
>>> any layer can be marked as a GM Secret layer, and hidden from
>>> players. This is as opposed to having a single GM's secret layer
>>> (which you can still do, if you want).
>>> >Oh, and if the API would allow you to programmatically change layer
>>> >names, I would be forever grateful.
>>> Already beat you too that ;-)
>>> Ed

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