Re: [nbos] [FM] FM8 layer dialog?
"Joe Frazier, Jr"
Tue Apr 3rd, 2007
Ed, I was just thinking the other night about asking how to copy a part
of an existing map into a new map object. I then checked out the blogs
and found this article: This
is exactly what I was looking for!!!! I had tried this last night, but
when I selected and copied, it copied everything that was active, which
was of course much larger that my selected area.

Sooo.. First question is when is FM8 going to be out, cause the new
features seem awesome on the surface.

Second question, after creating a submap using this new feature, how to
make a link to it? From my understanding of the help, you can only
associate a link to an object, so how to set it to a "region" of
area? Would you have to create a box, make the background clear, and
then set that object as the link object? If that is the case, I assume
the layer it is on would have to be selectable and on top right? Does
this make sense?



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