Re: [nbos] FM8 Beta Testing
"Steve Albany"
Thu Mar 22nd, 2007
>So far, my experiences with FM7 have all been very positive.

Mine too, Mike. I've invested heavily into Profantasy's stuff (in other
words I have their entire catalog) over the last several years, and while
CC2/CC3 has some things I like, it has a steep learning curve. FM is
remarkably EASY to master moving around and I spend less time worrying about
executing the right function and more on the creative aspects of my

And as a software developer by trade, the fact that I can "extend"
functionality using some simple objects is simply awesome. (CC2/3 is a
closed application, largely because it's a shell on top of a CAD engine).

My only collective fault is the API documentation. But, believe me, I have
nothing but sympathy for Ed & his devs, cuz writing API docs sucks. (If you
want some help there Ed, I'd be happy to whip both API docs into shape <see
my email>).

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