[nbos] FM8 Beta Testing
NBOS Support
Thu Mar 22nd, 2007
Hi All,

FM8 is ready for some wider rounds of beta testing. If you'd like to beta
test the program, please drop an email to support2-at-nbos.com with 'FM8 Beta'
in the subject line. Testers should be very familiar with the program as
no updated docs will be available, and be able to devote some time to
putting the program though its paces and report back on any problems
found. Right now I'm only looking for about 10 people, so I likely wont be
able to accept everyone that chimes in. So if you dont make it in, dont
take it personally! But I will be expanding to more people in further

Beta testers will be placed on a seperate beta testing mailing list where
all the beta discussion goes on.


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