Re: [nbos] [FM] CustomTools - Question - Using the Pointer
NBOS Support
Wed Mar 21st, 2007

>I am trying to create a tool that will allow me to click on an object (a
>submap) - collect the map-index and the coordinates of it's points.
>I've tried using Pointer as the basis for the tool but I can't seem to get
>anything to happen as a result of clicking or pointing.

You know, Don, despite what the drop down list on the custom tool editor
shows, I dont think thats possible. I have added it to the FM8 to-do, though.

You may be able base it on a simple rectangle. You can then grab the
clicked position from the points of the rectangle that gets created, delete
the rectangle, and select any objects that would have selected using
SelectAllInRect() or GetObjectAtXY().

Or alternatively, select the object with the pionter, and assign a script
to a function key that does all the fancy stuff.


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