[nbos] [FM] Another late FM8 wishlist thing...
Scott McLachlan
Thu Mar 15th, 2007
More line styles would be good...
I mean, instead of just dotted or dashed or dot-dash or whatever.

In the free program Autorealm, there is a huge set of line styles which are good for doing coastlines and swamp areas or whatever. Outline lines that are 2 or 3 or 4 individual lines that follow each other, or 2 solid lines and a dotted line as a way of showing coastal water or waves around an island or continent...
Am I making sense?
If not check out Autorealm to see what I mean.

Surely more line styles wouldn't be too difficult? I don't know.

Or failing that, is it something that FM7 can already do that I haven't figured out yet??
Scott Mac

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