[nbos] [AS] Three questions
"Kevin A. Munoz"
Wed Mar 14th, 2007
Three quick questions:

1) Is there a way to turn off the name generator in AS? It's
annoying. I tried removing the .ipt file but all that does is cause
AS to sometimes generate systems with (Untitled) as their names.
Since I'm using real stellar data I don't like having the star names
and IDs obliterated when I populate a system with the generator. It's
especially intrusive if the name happens to get applied to a gas
giant with a dozen moons, and I have to go through and change all
their names.

2) Is there a way to remove route types from the list? I don't mean
to delete routes that are in the map, but the names that they can be
listed under. I made a typo in one of them and I'd like to remove it,
but it doesn't appear to be possible.

3) Is there a way to make subsector deletions permanent? I know how
to delete subsectors but they stay deleted only until I close the
sector file. When I open it again, the subsectors I deleted are back.

If anyone can answer these, I'd appreciate it!

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