[nbos] [FM] wishlist for FM8 - I know - probably too late...
Scott McLachlan
Tue Mar 13th, 2007
I know this is probably too late but... a minimap window that can be clicked and dragged to pan around a map when zoomed in would be handy - a bit like Photoshop.
I have no idea at all whats involved in coding and programming to implement something like that so just a suggestion

>>Does FM8 have any changes to the layer management part of the program?
>>It would be useful to be able to 'move' layers and their objects up or
>>down as needed.
>No, there's no changes w/ layers in this regard. FM's layer system really
>was never intended to have anything to do with the order in which objects
>are displayed. - its a 'data' attribute for each object. Having items
>displayed with layer controlling the display order leads to what I call the
>'river on an island' problem. That is, you couldnt display a lake (water
>layer) with an island (land) with a river on it (water). If you brought
>'water' to the front, the island is hidden.

Why not make a "River" layer?
Or multiple river layers? There's room for 256 (or there abouts) layers isn't there?

>Thanks for the reply.

>As far as layering, I used to use it in a simple manner as
you designed it until I read a brilliant >article on a FM forum:

>'Controlling layering (z-order) in
complex FM maps [1]

>'Posted by : Christopher on Feb 08,
2006 - 01:49 PM


There's an FM forum????? URL?? email?? site?? Where? How?....

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