Re: [nbos] [FM] GoblinAPI Questions
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Mon Mar 12th, 2007

>1) What are the parameters for ConfigureSelected or the correct
>wrapper function for ArrowEndStyle and ArrowStartStyle to create the
>different styles available?

The arrow style is an integer from 0 to 10, with 0 being no arrow, and the
others being one of the styles (it should correspond to the order they
appear in the arrow style boxes). You can assign the values to
ArrowEndStyle or ArrowStartStyle.

>2) Is there a way to change layer names programmatically?

hmm... no, I dont think there is.

>3) I have a script that creates a number of submap type objects on
>the map. The objects are created in a loop and I am collecting the map
>index numbers in an array as the object is added. But when the first
>object is created the index that is returned is actually the index for the
>next object. Once I figured out what was going wrong, I simply subtracted
>1 from all of the index numbers returned from AddObject(). Is this as
>designed or am I still missing something?

This is correct - arrays are zero based.

>Does FM8 have any changes to the layer management part of the program?
>It would be useful to be able to 'move' layers and their objects up or
>down as needed.

No, there's no changes w/ layers in this regard. FM's layer system really
was never intended to have anything to do with the order in which objects
are displayed. - its a 'data' attribute for each object. Having items
displayed with layer controlling the display order leads to what I call the
'river on an island' problem. That is, you couldnt display a lake (water
layer) with an island (land) with a river on it (water). If you brought
'water' to the front, the island is hidden.

I had played with the idea of renaming 'layers' to 'filters' (as they are
called in Astro) to avoid the confusion with photoshop-style style layers
which are an entirely different beast.

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